Samstag, 19. Mai 2012

Final design

Jessica Giuliano, Philipp Wissel & Johannes Zecherle , 05/15/2012

That’s about it!

Here´s our final draft.

The challenge was to get the fine line between creating something that is graphic/ abstracted, yet conveys a basic mood…whether you tripped in italy or iceland, travelled by day or partied all night, whether you were blessed with good weather or toured at nasty weather. Then again the design should bear the idea of a map…

For our final draft we took the mere photos of our roadtrip, took a scissors and went wild. It was even more fun as we are currently working in an atelier in bella Civitella d´Agliano as you might catch a glimpse of in our “making of” video.

We had ourselves inspired by the architecture of the tuscany which is a composition of many stones, wood and colorful surroundings. The drawings of Zaha Hadid (Designer/ Architect) also influenced our work.

So this might be the roofdesign for our journey of Mainz/ Frankfurt/ Cologne. Notice that the design would alterate if you changed the route of your trip

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